Seasons of Relevance


Last night I was reading this section from ‘Deep Unto Deep’ by Dana Candler, and it very much resonated with what I had been mulling over yesterday.

“Chapter 11: Seasons of Relevance

One day we will all stand together on the sea of glass like crystal and, with one voice like the sound of many waters and mighty thunderings, proclaim, “Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready” (Rev 19:7). On that day, we will see many things that are difficult for us to see now—one of which will be the relevance of each individual season that the Lord brought us through, from small to great.

We will look with wonder at the times we thought were meaningless and see the grandeur of their significance in the wide scope of God’s call upon our lives.  We will look with new eyes at the times of suffering and hardship and see their eternal worth, far more than gold. We will gasp to see what He was forming in us even in the dullest of days. Even the times that we thought were utter loss because of our own failure, God will redeem and give beauty for ashes (Is. 61:3).

Our responsibility was simply to say, “Yes,” to Him and to agree with the leadership of Jesus over our lives—even when we did not understand His ways. It is the days, the weeks, the months and all of their contents that prepare us for the Lamb of God. These are the tools of God that make us ready. And on that final day, we will see the wonders that the handiwork of God formed in our lives because of our small “yes’s” to Him all along the way. He will bring forth a bride made ready.

This is why each season is so relevant. Whether the most glorious, the most difficult or the most barren, each has a noble assignment before the throne of God. Not one is extra or merely a pointless period without any value. Each is carefully arranged to bring us into the fullness that God desires for us.” (pp.167-168)

I also found this section quite helpful:

“Tucked right in between our most extreme and intense seasons, whether the darkened night times or the high mountain seasons of Love’s exhilaration, these in-between-seasons offer their contribution to our continual movement forward in Love. These are the seasons that fill the pages between the climax points of our personal volumes of life. They are the climb before the mountain top and the descent before the valley floor. They are indeed the journey. So often in our life of prayer, we can perceive relevance in the times of difficulty, and we easily understand the significance of the seasons of victory. Yet in the months and years that lie in between, our hearts are prone to the most discouragement. It is the “in between” periods that leave us the most disillusioned.

Their relevance is not guaranteed to reveal itself in this life. We may never understand the gold of these days until the age to come when the Lord pulls back the veil and unlocks their divine job descriptions and purpose. Yet we can rest in their importance simply by the truth that He placed them unavoidably in our path and, therefore, has hidden worth within their chambers. They are menial and mundane to our understandings, and we only wish that we could be rid of them and get onto the real dramas of knowing and loving Him. Yet something about our God loves these blah passages and finds great purpose in their contribution.

In these times, the best way to position the heart is in rest. We rest in the understanding that all His ways are love and even these pathways are part of the package. Our tendency is to waste many a day running about the small cell of these enclosed seasons, rearing our heads into their boundary lines and continually attempting to outrun them. Either we have the response just described, or we sit down in disillusionment and allow doubt to eat away at our belief in God’s banner of love over our lives. Either way, we do not recognise the hand of the Lord behind their monotonous walls and, thus, become greatly discouraged within their custody.

The most important thing for us to know and believe is that the Holy Spirit is continually and constantly leading us carefully and strategically forward in our love and our knowledge of God. There is a portion for each season and an invitation within each day.

… All the seasons are indeed bringing us into greater love. All the passages and parts of the journey are unto the fullness of knowing the height and width and depth and length of God’s knowledge-surpassing love. Love does not have an end. It is endless for it is contained within the infinite and everlasting God. Yet He is leading each lover of Himself into the utter consumption of Divine Love. We cannot know Love’s end, but we can find our own end in its all-consuming love.” (pp. 175-177)

Image Source: Pexels


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